2023-11-10: News Headlines

ecns.cn (2023-11-10). Per-capita income of people lifted out of poverty grows fast in Xizang: white paper. ecns.cn The per-capita income of those lifted out of poverty in southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region reached 13,800 yuan (about 1,922 U.S. dollars) in 2022, growing faster than the region's per-capita disposal income of rural residents.

National Homelessness Law Center (2023-11-09). Law Center Statement on UN Report Decrying Ongoing Human Rights Abuses Against Unhoused People. indybay.org WASHINGTON, D.C. — (November 3, 2023) Today, the United Nations Human Rights Committee highlighted serious and ongoing patterns of human rights abuses — including those against people experiencing homelessness and poverty — in the Concluding Observations from its recent convening that investigated the United States' compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Juan M. Garcia (2023-11-09). Cuba states that peace and sustainable development are urgent goals. plenglish.com Paris, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Education Naima Ariatne Trujillo called at the 42nd UNESCO General Conference on Thursday to maintain efforts tirelessly in pursuit of peace, sustainable development and the eradication of poverty.

ecns.cn (2023-11-10). Research allows UAV swarms to 'talk' in 'group chat'. ecns.cn Researchers have made a breakthrough in autonomous robotics by enabling a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles to communicate using human language while working together to complete complex tasks.

Sam Pizzigati (2023-11-10). The Global Significance of the UAW's Victory. counterpunch.org Working people the world over have celebrated the first of May as "International Labor Day" since 1886, when workers in the United States struggling for an eight-hour day staged a May 1 national protest. Thanks to the new deal America's auto workers have signed with Detroit's Big Three — Ford, GM, and Stellantis — that

Larry Johnson (2023-11-09). U.S. Inching Towards World War III While Biden Administration Hides U.S. Casualties. sonar21.com While the world's attention is focused on the war raging between Israel and Hamas, the military confrontation between the United States and Hezbollah is heating up. Since the Hamas attacks on 7 October and the subsequent retaliation by Israel, U.S. military bases and outposts in Syria and Iraq are facing daily attacks with rocket, missiles and mortars. I learned today from someone who regularly visits Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland that the wards are filling up with U.S. military personnel wounded in recent attacks on those bases. The White House and the Department of Defense are working a…

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-11-09). France to host humanitarian conference on Gaza. plenglish.com The forum was announced by President Emmanuel Macron, and according to the Foreign Ministry, it will focus on actions in favor of respect for International Humanitarian Law, the protection of Palestinian civilians and humanitarian workers, and access to the affected people in the Gaza Strip. | Another objective of the meeting is enhancing humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza in sectors such as health care, water, energy and food. | France claims that its intention is to seek a concrete international response to the crisis, focused on supporting agencies and organizations working on the ground, and based on…

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-11-09). How Did Hezbollah Turn 'Qualitative Weight' Operation Into 'The Weight of a Fly'? orinocotribune.com Editorial note: Orinoco Tribune does not generally publish pieces older than two weeks. However, an exception is being made in this case as the current article remains as relevant today as when it was first published. | Ibrahim Al-Amin — Aug 14, 2023 | On Friday dawn, July 14, 2006, dozens of Israeli aircraft attacked 44 targets in Lebanon. In 34 minutes, the air force completed a mission that the enemy had been working on for more than seven consecutive years. The airstrikes translated into action the "Weight of Quality" plan, targeting what the enemy claimed constituted 75 percent of Hezbollah's missile s…

Peoples Health Dispatch (2023-11-09). Health workers in Québec strike for better working conditions. peoplesdispatch.org Health workers in Québec began a two-day strike on November 8, following unsuccessful negotiations with the government. Members of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) repeated their demand for a fair deal for health workers at the end of October and vowed to keep the pressure up until significant improvements are made to working conditions in the sector. | During discussions that have taken place since an earlier collective agreement expired in March, the Québec government failed to address the main concerns of the health workers, including nurses, respiratory therapists, and clinical…

WSWS (2023-11-09). Massive international response to Will Lehman Tik Tok video calling on workers to take action to stop genocide in Gaza. wsws.org The video posted Sunday calls for the working class to intervene and stop Israel's murderous assault on Palestinians in Gaza.

mforinoco (2023-11-09). Mass Walkouts by Garment Workers in Bangladesh. orinocotribune.com By John Clark — Nov 4, 2023 | A huge round of protests is underway in Bangladesh, with thousands of garment workers walking out of their factories and taking to the streets of Dhaka and the industrial district of Gazipur to demand substantial increases in their monthly minimum wage. This wave of action follows an offer by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association to increase the wage to $90, instead of the $208 that had been demanded. With inflation taking a devastating toll on living standards, the employers' offer is hopelessly inadequate and this has sparked outrage among the workers.

Binoy Kampmark (2023-11-10). Why Humanitarianism as a Weasel Word. counterpunch.org It may be time to reconsider the use of such words as "humanitarian" and "humanitarianism". There has been little of that sort evidenced in the Israel-Hamas War, marked by industrial-mechanised atrocities, enforced deprivation and starvation, orders to evacuate (read expulsion and banishment), preceded by massacres most haunting and visceral. Its constant evocation by various sides of the

Sean Dougherty for Congress CA-19 (2023-11-09). Ceasefire Now: More Deaths Will Not Bring Peace to the Middle East. indybay.org November 4, 2023 – We need an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, a return of all prisoners, and a halt to all forms of violence against civilians and collective punishment, including bombing of ambulances and refugee camps, and deprivation of food, water, medicine, electricity, and outside communication.

Dean Baker (2023-11-09). The Big Lie About Inequality. counterpunch.org We all know about Donald Trump's "Big Lie" that he won the 2020 election. This is of course laughable, there is nothing in the real world to support Trump's fantasies of massive voter fraud. However, there is arguably an even bigger lie that enjoys near-universal acceptance in intellectual circles. It is the claim the huge

isabella (2023-11-09). Why Maximus Workers Are Walking off the Job. inequality.org

SAM (2023-11-09). Our Richest Can Move to Avoid Taxes. But Can They Hide? inequality.org

Sara Sneath, DeSmog. (2023-11-09). Frontline Communities On Hunger Strike Against Plastics Giant Formosa. popularresistance.org Fishers, organizers, and concerned citizens in Texas, Vietnam, and Louisiana — areas that are home to existing or proposed Formosa plants — have supported each other's efforts to mobilize against the Taiwan-based firm, forming the organization International Monitor Formosa Alliance (IMFA). Now the alliance is launching a hunger strike to demand that the victims of a 2016 environmental disaster in central Vietnam caused by Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of the Formosa Plastics Group, be compensated for their losses, that the polluted area be restored, and that those who have been jaile…

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