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2023-11-15: News Headlines

The Independent (2023-11-14). NMS' Kamabare scoops top Ugandan health award. independent.co.ug Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Moses Kamabare, who has served as the General Manager of National Medical Stores (NMS) since 2008, has received the Minister's Special Award at this year's Heroes in Health Awards (HIHA) held at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo on Nov. 10. Kamabare, who oversaw the transformation of the NMS operations including digitization …

Caleb Crowder (2023-11-15). New Report from the Institute for Policy Studies Reveals the True Cost of Billionaire Philanthropy. ips-dc.org The new analysis details how the ultra-wealthy use charitable giving to avoid taxes and exert influence, while ordinary taxpayers foot the bill.

WSWS (2023-11-15). Moody's lowers US debt outlook to "negative" wsws.org US government debt is now more than $33 trillion and rising and stands at more than 120 percent of GDP.

ecns.cn (2023-11-15). New government program to help resolve provinces' hidden debts. ecns.cn China has started a special refinancing bond program to service the outstanding hidden debts of the governments of a number of provincial regions, which analysts said marked a key step forward after the central government proposed a package of debt relief measures.

The Exposé (2023-11-15). War Criminal Tony Blair is working with the WEF & Bill Gates to make Digital IDs Mandatory to Live a "Normal" Life around the World. expose-news.com Tony Blair is a multi-millionaire former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a track record of lying and was convicted in absentia as a war criminal. He was also named in …

WSWS (2023-11-15). Opposition mounts to SAG-AFTRA sellout agreement: "This contract will be the death of working class actors" wsws.org Actors have made sacrifices for months, losing work, income and possibly homes or apartments, so that union officials could sell them down the river in secret negotiations.

WSWS (2023-11-15). Bernie Sanders holds Senate hearing to prop up union bureaucracy. wsws.org The greatest fear in ruling circles is that the growing anti-war movement might link up with the growing ferment in the working class as the union officials are increasingly losing control of the situation.

kwjorinoco (2023-11-14). Journalists in Venezuela Stand with Gaza. orinocotribune.com This Friday, from the Simón Bolívar de la Torre Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a group of Venezuelan journalists raised their voices to demand an end to the genocide in the Gaza Strip. | During the meeting, they expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people and praised the work of their colleagues working to truthfully report the atrocities committed by the Zionist government of the Israeli entity against the people of Palestine. At the same time, they noted that the hegemonic mainstream media distorts the truth and refers to the genocide instead as a "war." | The vice minister for Internationa…

WSWS (2023-11-14). Sydney protest points to striving for working-class action to stop the genocide, but maritime union collaborates with Israel. wsws.org Maritime Union of Australia officials were as conspicuously absent from the speaker list on Saturday as the Contship Dax was from Port Botany.

infobrics (2023-11-15). India Is Driving Change by Working Together with Africa. infobrics.org Modi has taken lead in championing trade and investment links with the continent…

Outra Saude (2023-11-14). Private sector stalls implementation of nurses' minimum wage in Brazil. peoplesdispatch.org Two years ago, in November 2021, the Brazilian Senate approved a bill stipulating the minimum salary for nurses. In May of the following year, the Chamber of Deputies granted approval, and in August 2022, the presidency passed Law No. 14.434/2022, establishing the national minimum wage for nurses. | Amid various developments, the Supreme Federal Court temporarily halted the enactment of the law. However, Congress facilitated the payment of the anticipated amounts by introducing two constitutional amendments and an additional law. | In June 2023, the anticipated conclusive decision came: the Supreme Court declared…

Zero Hedge (2023-11-14). The Shock Wave of Bankruptcies: Dumping NYC Office Leases: Global Vacancies Hit Record High. globalresearch.ca

Nitza Soledad Perez (2023-11-15). Accessible healthcare for the uninsured. america.cgtn.com While the number of Americans living without health care insurance is down significantly from its peak back in 2010, access to medical care in the United States remains a major social issue. | High cost is the main barrier keeping many from seeking the care they need, often impacting minorities families the most. | CGTN's Nitza Soledad Perez has more from Miami, on a new business model that aims to help.

Prof. Machiko Osawa (2023-11-15). Sexual Violence and Gender Inequality in Japan. asia-pacificresearch.com

isabella (2023-11-15). Building Cleaners Rally for Fair Wages and Life-Saving Benefits. inequality.org

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