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2022-07-27: News Headlines

____ (2022-07-27). Top political advisor stresses upholding 1992 Consensus, working toward reunification of motherland. ecns.cn China's top political advisor Wang Yang on Tuesday stressed the importance of upholding the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and called for jointly striving to achieve the reunification of the motherland.

Sacramento Homeless Union (2022-07-27). Thousands of Unhoused to be Swept with No Adequate Shelter in Sacramento. indybay.org My name is Crystal Sanchez, and I am the Western Regional Director for the National Union of the Homeless and the President of the Sacramento Homeless Union. Today, I write to you in total dismay and frustration. As many of you know, the 2022 point in time count was recently released with an astonishing 9,300 unhoused people counted and a whopping 20,000 people on any given night living on the streets of Sacramento. We know the pit count number is inadequate and low due to low volunteers and not everybody being counted. We have had an astonishing 67% increase in homelessness, with now more people on our streets t…

WSWS (2022-07-26). American Federation of Teachers convention: In service of American capitalism's COVID-19 coverup, strike suppression, and war plans. wsws.org The American Federation of Teachers biennial convention towed the Democratic Party line in regard to covering up the pandemic, supporting war against Russia, and suppressing the working class through the trade union apparatus.

_____ (2022-07-26). US Railroad Workers Inch Closer To A Possible National Strike. popularresistance.org After waiting over two years to secure a new union contract, and still reeling from the impacts of Wall Street-ordered cost-cutting measures, 115,000 beleaguered workers who operate the nation's freight railroads are inching closer towards a possible strike, which could come as soon as September. | In an effort to drive down operating expenses and reward their wealthy shareholders, in recent years railroad companies have implemented "precision scheduled railroading," or PSR‚Äâ—‚Äâa version of just-in-time, lean production that centers on reducing the workforce and closing f…

Mairead Skehan Gillis (2022-07-26). Boston Starbucks Workers United strikes against unfair labor practices. workers.org Boston Striking members of Boston Starbucks Workers United made U.S. labor history this week, shutting down their store at 874 Commonwealth Ave. at Boston University for seven days, in protest of what SBWU calls a pattern of management's new union-busting, racist and transphobic Unfair Labor Practices. July 19 protest. WW . . . |

Labor Video Projectt (2022-07-26). US Covid-19 Insanity, The Working Class. Covid & Capitalism & THE NEW NORMAL By Dr. Gordon. indybay.org Dr. Nayvin Gordon reports on abandonment of any public health protection as the Covid-19 pandemic expands over two years after the pandemic starts.

____ (2022-07-26). Northwest sends more green electricity to power-hungry east. ecns.cn One power supply line from here to eastern Shandong province is sending an average of 100 million kWh per day, while the rest are being sent via another line to Zhejiang and smaller lines within the region, said the State Grid.

____ (2022-07-25). Max Blumenthal & Aaron Maté Slam Corporate Media Disinfo. transcend.org 21 Jun 2022 – Before a hostile audience from the corporate press, they explain how the mainstream media is the most prolific source of disinformation, working closely with the national security state while deflecting scrutiny from the oligarchy that controls it.

____ (2022-07-25). People — Able Bodied and with Disabilities. transcend.org Stephen Hawking was born normal bodied. But at the age of 21, he was diagnosed with a neuronal disease that resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair for his remaining life. However, this did not affect his genius in working on different aspects of physics — he was known as another Albert Einstein for his brilliance.

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