2022-06-16: News Headlines

Newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-06-16). Updated Mayo Clinic recommendations for infant formula shortage. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been significant shortages of infant formulas in some stores, largely caused by supply chain issues, as well as a recent recall of several contaminated baby formula products. While this unfortunate crisis continues to impact thousands of caregivers needing to feed their babies, Mayo Clinic continues to offer advice on safe alternatives in the short term to patients. Alternative formula options For most infants, it is OK to switch…

Ola Mousa (2022-06-16). Danger doesn't stop children from working in Gaza's dumps. electronicintifada.net Waste collectors rely on meager incomes to avoid starvation.

SAM (2022-06-16). The Climate Case for Taxing Wealth. inequality.org

La Peña (2022-06-16). Friday 6/17: Baila Community Dance Party. indybay.org La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705…

Freedom Socialist Party (2022-06-16). Wednesday 6/15: Labor History: A key to unlocking workers' power today. indybay.org Online via Zoom | To register: bit.ly/FSFD-Labor

WSWS (2022-06-16). Socialist Equality Party meeting discusses crisis of Australia's two-party system and the way forward for the working class. wsws.org The livestreamed event provided a much-appreciated forum for democratic discussion about the election result, Labor's right-wing program, and the class battles now unfolding in Australia and internationally.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-06-16). 2022 California Juneteenth – National Freedom Day. indybay.org In the coming years over 100 California cities with @100,000+ residents will begin to discover our unique California Juneteenth Legacy, helping manifest equity and greater inclusion throughout the 5th largest economy in the world. Today, "Mining for Freedom" or the authentic "Golden Legacy" of our California USCT who fought, bleed and died for freedom is a fierce debate impacting future generation.

David Giesen (2022-06-16). Sunday 7/3: Fulfilling the Promise of America, a symposium. indybay.org ZOOM video meet: | zoom.us/j/94131824284?pwd=RzI0ZEY1eEkrbkxFemNOMHFHbUZXZz09

TeleSUR, jm, JGN, SH (2022-06-16). La infancia en àÅfrica se debate entre el conflicto y la pobreza. telesurtv.net Los niños en África viven una infancia rodeada de adversidades y retos desde muy temprana edad que van más allá de simples trivialidades.

United We Dream (2022-06-16). Wednesday 6/15: DACA Tenth Anniversary: Then, Now and Beyond! Celebration & Action Rally. indybay.org Virtual celebration & action rally…

United We Dream (2022-06-16). Wednesday 6/15: DACA Décimo Aniversario – °Antes, Ahora y Más Allá! Celebración y Reuinon para la Acción. indybay.org Virtual celebration & action rally…

WSWS (2022-06-15). Somalia pushed closer to famine by US/NATO sanctions on Russia, international speculation and drought. wsws.org Despite the gravity of the crisis, the US, other major powers and financial institutions have ignored the UN's humanitarian appeal as they turn their attention and resources to the war in Ukraine.

Tony Murphy (2022-06-15). March protests union-busters. workers.org New York City The June 7 Starbucks union win in Memphis, Tennessee, showed that the bosses' tried-and-true, union-busting tactics aren't working like they used to. In the face of the February racist firing of the Memphis 7, election tampering by the bosses and constant anti-union interference, workers at that store . . . |

Tony Murphy (2022-06-15). New York City 'March Against Union-Busting Billionaires' keeps the struggle in the streets. workers.org New York City The June 7 Starbucks union win in Memphis, Tennessee, showed that the bosses' tried-and-true, union-busting tactics aren't working like they used to. In the face of the February racist firing of the Memphis 7, election tampering by the bosses and constant anti-union interference, workers at that store . . . |

WSWS (2022-06-15). Democratic controlled Congress allows funding for school meal programs to expire, threatening 10 million children with hunger. wsws.org Legislators have decided not to renew $11 billion in funding for a school meal reimbursement program. Child advocacy groups expect the cut to push up to 10 million children into hunger over the summer and into the new school year.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-06-15). Honduras: Xiomara Castro's Government, Advancing Along a Mined Road. libya360.wordpress.com Giorgio Trucchi Five months with eyes on the re-foundation of Honduras and watching their backs On January 27, Xiomara Castro took office as president of Honduras. It was a vibrant speech in which she made it clear that she was going to receive a country in bankruptcy, plundered, with a debt totaling more than 20…

_____ (2022-06-15). WTO Meeting Is An Opportunity To Challenge Corporate Control Of Food. popularresistance.org Look no further than to the fruit and vegetable farmers in Europe and the United States who destroyed perfectly good produce because corporate food processors lacked the resiliency to adapt to changing consumption demands. The 2.5 million farmworkers in the U.S., at the same time, risked their lives for poverty-level wages without personal protective equipment. | Meanwhile, just four corporations, globally, control 75 percent of the world's grain trade and 60 percent of our seeds. In the U.S., four firms dominate 75 percent of the fertilizer supply and 85 percent of beef processing. | Such concentration takes fre…

Editor (2022-06-15). Overcoming the Distorted Narrative of Christian Nationalism. scheerpost.com Confederacy supporters in Columbia, South Carolina (Shutterstock) | By Aaron Scott / OtherWords | I grew up in rural upstate New York, where life was difficult and often isolating. Folks in our community were very poor, but we took care of one another. Neighbors lavished affection and support on my family. | Still, there was a deep undercurrent of abandonment and anger. | Far from the South, Confederate flags pierced the landscape. And at church, there was often little help for people struggling to overcome isolation, daily struggles, or poverty. Instead, the focus of church life for many people around me was…

Fight Back (2022-06-15). Final Declaration of the Workers' Summit of the Americas. fightbacknews.org Fight Back News Service is circulating the Final Declaration of the Workers' Summit of the Americas which took place in opposition to the Biden administration's failed summit in Los Angeles. | Final Declaration of the Workers' Summit of the Americas | Tijuana, June 10-12, 2022 | We, representatives of Trade Union, Peasant, Political and Social organizations, gathered in Tijuana — Mexico, June 10-12, 2022, on the occasion of the realization of the Summit of the Americas of the Working Men and Women Workers, in immediate response to the exclusion of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua imposed by the Government of…

Jim Hightower (2022-06-15). Can Democrats Save Their Party… From Its Leadership? commondreams.org If you choose to abandon this whole working-class constituency—surprise!—it will abandon you.

Kari Polanyi Levitt (2022-06-15). Prof. Kari Polyani Levitt: Regaining Canada's Sovereignty: June 14, 2022 We Celebrate Kari's 99th Birthday. globalresearch.ca On June 14, 2022. Friends and family met up in Montreal to celebrate Kari Polyani Levitt's 99th birthday. | While Kari's health is fragile, she remains firm in her incisive understanding and analysis of World events, committed to national sovereignty and …

David Sirota (2022-06-15). LISTEN: The Fed Is Trying To Crush You. levernews.com On this week's Lever Time, host David Sirota is joined by The Lever's Julia Rock and Roosevelt Institute economist JW Mason for a deep dive into the Federal Reserve's move to address inflation by trying to crush workers' wages. Mason argues that such a decision isn't dispassionate, but instead a highly ideological move that sides with the wealthy and corporations. He also reviews alternative ways to combat inflation that would shield workers from the most acute pain.   | Listen to the podcast here.

Deweylaura (2022-06-15). Hello Comrade project travels to Chile. cpusa.org "Hello Comrade" is a new project that works under CPUSA's International Department. The goal is to travel to countries around the world and not only document important advances made by Marxist parties but also try to capture how it feels, tastes, and smells to be a party activist working at the most grassroots level. …

WSWS (2022-06-15). The British rail strike: Mobilise the entire working class against the Johnson government! wsws.org The strikes and ballots in the UK are part of a growing wave of militancy worldwide provoked by the same desperate cost-of-living crisis.

Dan Bacher (2022-06-15). Oil industry stops bill banning oil drilling in CA waters from moving forward. indybay.org California oil and gas regulators have approved 1 offshore drilling permits in state waters since January 1, 2019. Of those permits, five were for new wells and the rest were for reworking existing wells, according to an analysis of permits approved through October 1, 2021 and posted at www.NewsomWellWatch.org by Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance.

WSWS (2022-06-15). With contract expiration for dockworkers looming, Biden makes warmongering speech at Los Angeles ports. wsws.org The Biden administration is working with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in a desperate bid to prevent a walkout by more than 20,000 West Coast dockworkers.

WSWS (2022-06-15). Trump denounces January 6 hearings as "treasonous" and repeats baseless claims of a "stolen election" wsws.org Trump's diatribe was pitched both to the November mid-term elections and the 2024 presidential election, and to the cultivation of a fascist, extra-constitutional movement to be thrown against the growing movement of the working class.

Monica Moorehead (2022-06-15). Migrant construction workers demand safe working conditions. workers.org Mahoma López speaks along with Cabricanecos construction workers at May Day rally, Union Square, New York City, organized by Workers Assembly Against Racism (WAAR). WW PHOTO: Brenda Ryan New York City The day after May 1 — International Workers Day — a group of immigrant construction workers, mainly from Guatemala, . . . |

WSWS (2022-06-15). Spanish unions work with PSOE-Podemos government against postal, metalworkers strikes. wsws.org Unions affiliated to the ruiling parties are working to impose real pay cuts and block the emergence of strikes against the government.

Alasdair Baverstock (2022-06-15). Challenges for the return migration in El Salvador. america.cgtn.com Over ,000 migrants returned to El Salvador last year and most of them never reaching the U.S. But without local solutions to the root causes of unemployment, poverty and violence the majority start back on the migrant trail.

Labor Video Project (2022-06-15). WCCUSD Union Busting Attack On Adult School Teachers United Leadership. indybay.org The WCCUSD school district terminated the president and vice president of the Adult School Teachers United in a union busting attack. The president Ken Ryan and vice president Kristen Pursley discuss their termination, the reason behind it and the attack on adult education and ESL by not only the District by the Democrats in the legislature and governor.

Richard Wolff (2022-06-15). There Are Better Ways to Fight Inflation Than Attacking Working People With Higher Interest Rates. commondreams.org Tackling inflation requires reining in private markets—and embracing economic democracy.

WSWS (2022-06-15). "It's hard to believe they work for us": Central Indiana Kroger workers speak out against rejected UFCW contract. wsws.org Workers have rightfully called out the UFCW negotiators on social media forums as working in the interests of the company during the negotiations.

_____ (2022-06-14). Local Orgs Unite Against Housing Crisis. popularresistance.org Speakers painted a devastating picture of the housing crisis in Oakland: an estimated 4,000 people unhoused, a quarter of whom are children and almost three quarters of whom are Black. A 24% increase in homelessness—and 800 deaths on the streets—in the past three years. And the so-called "CARE courts" proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom to address homelessness only threaten to restrict the rights of the unhoused even further, say these activists.

Annelise Whitley (2022-06-14). My Pandemic in Three Acts. tomdispatch.com On New Years' Eve 2019, Americans celebrated the advent of the roaring '20s with fireworks and champagne, amid ominous news alerts from China. Surely that virus would stay on the other side of the planet. I cringe at how entitled we felt then. Covid-19 has now wiped out more than a million of us (by far the worst record on Earth when it comes to wealthy countries). Up to a third of all survivors suffer the sometimes disabling effects of long Covid, with implications for society that will outlast the pandemic — if it ever ends. I'd like to believe we've learned a lesson about our species-wide vulnerability,…

Betsey Piette (2022-06-14). Hunger strikers protest solitary confinement conditions in Pennsylvania. workers.org June 11 — Eleven incarcerated workers at Pennsylvania's State Correctional Institution-Greene started a hunger strike June 7. As of this writing, their numbers have grown to 20. They are confined in what the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections calls the Intensive Management Unit (IMU), but prisoners call it "the hole." This . . . |

_____ (2022-06-14). Internationalist Solidarity And Support For Disappeared Defenders. popularresistance.org Friends of the Earth International expresses its concern, indignation and condemnation at the disappearance of Brazilian indigenist activist Bruno Araújo Pereira and Dom Phillips, a British journalist and contributor to The Guardian newspaper. | The two men disappeared on the morning of June 5 in the indigenous territory Vale do Javari, in Brazil's Amazonas state. The defenders were last seen as they made their way from the community of Ribeirinha Sà£o Rafael to the town of Atalaia do Norte (where they were expected). Both men were working on a project with the Indigenous group Unión de Organizaciones Indíg…

Kuehn BM. (2022-06-14). Rising US Firearm Deaths During Pandemic Linked to Poverty. jamanetwork.com Firearm homicide rates rose by more than a third during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, according to a CDC Vital Signs report. The firearm homicide rate per 100‚ÄØ000 increased from 4.6 in 2019 to 6.1 in 2020—the highest rate since 1994. Communities disproportionately affected by poverty, systemic inequity, and structural racism incurred the heaviest loss of life due to rising gun violence.

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